Sunday, February 24, 2008

ANNOUNCING: The "Not all Blondes are Women Contest"...enter today!

You've all heard of "Dumb Blonde" jokes. They have been around for YEARS.

Well, this your revenge, ladies. (or gentlemen, if you want.)

We are looking for the best jokes you can come up with in a NEW category... "Dumb Blond Men Jokes." But they don't have to be originals, you can beg, borrow, steal, push or drag in these jokes, and we don't care... we will accept ANYTHING, because we just want FUNNY.

We're not joking here, YOU are. Are you ready? Well, get going. Click on the comments and go to it!

This contest is for an unlimited time, with only one restriction: outright like jokes as much as you do, so keep it PG rated.

In the end, or from time to time as the mood strikes us, we will select the BEST jokes left here and:
  1. we will repost the winning joke(s) to several prominent blogs, crediting YOU
  2. we will award a "Golden Warrior" trophy for your OWN blog to wear proudly
  3. we will make a composite file of all the best jokes for the archives

So get your thinkers going and be creative and have some fun!

...................GO GOLDIES!